LSCSS Program

Youth Mental Health - Princeton

Serving the community of Princeton and the surrounding area the Child & Youth Mental Health Clinician operates out of the Vermillion Forks Metis Association building. 

This program is offered under the purview of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to provide confidential, family-centric support and counselling within the context of the individuals family, culture and community. 

The Clinician provides a safe and supportive space for children and youth to focus on their mental wellbeing and resiliency.  The Clinician will engage with youth through a referral and intake process to assess and determine the level of counselling, intervention and external supports that will help them  through their situation. 

Meet Iryna Kobets, a passionate Clinical Counselor with over two decades of experience in guiding and mentoring individuals to overcome challenges and unlock their full potential. Her career has left a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of local and international students and youths.

Iryna’s expertise extends to career coaching and counseling, where she has assisted over 1,000 students in choosing the right educational programs and career paths. Her dedication to this field led to the creation and global recognition of the “Conches Education” youth career training program as intellectual property.

Iryna’s special focus lies in assisting youth with ADHD. While emotion regulation is not a symptom of ADHD, individuals with ADHD often face overwhelming emotional responses. These intense reactions can sometimes have positive outcomes, such as genuine excitement about a family trip, but they can also pose challenges in daily life. Iryna excels in helping individuals cultivate emotion regulation skills, offering tailored strategies suitable for both home and school settings.

If you would like to talk with someone about an intake referral please contact:

  • CYMH Oliver (250-485-6001) Tuesday & Thursday 1:00-3:30pm; Wednesday 9:00am-11:00am

For immediate supports and crisis intervention:

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