LSCSS Program

Early Years

The MCFD Early Years Program is:

  • Children’s early experiences and environment lay the foundation of future health, success and well-being. In this period of rapid growth and development, MCFD’s Early Childhood Development programs and services ensure children get the best possible start in life.
  • Early Years Services provide a variety of support and educational programs.
  • Early Years provides child and family drop-in programs at no cost, to parents, expectant parents, caregivers and their children, birth to six years of age. Early Years programs include early learning, information, support, referrals, and an opportunity to network – all in informal and fun interactive settings.

LSCSS Early Years Programs

Infant Development

The Infant Development Program (IDP) provides home-based support to families with children from birth to the age of 3 who are at risk for or are presenting with a delay in development. Participation in the program is voluntary and free of charge. Families can refer themselves, or be referred by a community professional. Both formal and informal developmental screening is important. Informal home visits are beneficial to observe and encourage progress in the child’s natural environment. IDP supports the parent-child relationship by working alongside families to implement play based strategies to help children develop. The program is family centered, meaning that we regard each child and family as unique, parents and/or caregivers know their child best and the family’s involvement and participation is a key factor in the achievement of successful outcomes. Reach IDP works in partnership with other professionals in the community. These include public health nurse, physiotherapist and occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, Dr. or Pediatrician, preschool/daycare personnel, hospital professionals, social workers, behavior consultants, supported child development consultants and more.

Family Navigation

Our Family engagement worker is available for one-on-on appointments and drop-in visits to provide navigation services, referrals, and information, including supports on different parenting topics. For families with young children from birth until Kindergarten entry.

Similkameen Family Literacy

Similkameen Family Literacy programming encourages the use of language and enjoyment of reading, writing, spoken language, and heard communication for all ages. The program’s primary focus is to empower families to provide literacy opportunities for their children. Drop-in and Outreach programming is intended to make reading time fun through interactive stories, communication, creative arts, play, and song.

Tumble Bumble

Tumble Bumble is a drop-in indoor play program for children from birth – 6 years and their parents/caregivers (older siblings are welcome). Children can cruise, climb, slide, jump and meet new children, while exploring a wide variety of equipment. These include, trikes, scooters, plasma bikes, tunnels, a slide, “ride em” vehicles such as police cars, and fire trucks, a bounce castle, basketball, bowling as well as balls, mats, and various sizes and shapes of gymnastics foam structures. This environment provides an opportunity to connect and socialize while also providing opportunity to improve gross and fine motor skills. It also provides a place for parents and caregivers to connect and share experiences. An infant area with developmentally appropriate toys is set up so that all ages are included in this fun program!

Generations (Art Connect)

Our generations program creates opportunities for the young and the old to participate together in mutually beneficial activities; allowing young children and adults to interact and learn both from and about one another. This strength-based approach to aging recognizes the enormous resource elders provide to our community. One of the greatest gifts of aging is regaining the ability to “be” present. “Being” opens the door to a special language that elders and children naturally share. When you see engagement like this, it’s a no brainer that children and elders belong together!

Program Director

Jocelyn Reaume

Early Years & CAPC Counsellor

Program Funders