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Family Literacy Outreach

Similkameen Family Literacy Outreach is funded by BC Gaming and it’s one of the society’s longest running programs. 

It has coordinated a One to One Reading Program for a community volunteer team at Cawston Primary School helping students achieves success in reading.​

For the past 14 years Similkameen Family Literacy has given free of charge a weeklong KIDS THEATRE day camp each August. 

From time to time we conduct five weeks of Wednesday afternoon meetings of Writing Out Loud fostering wellness, creativity, community and communication. In writers 16 years and older at any skill level.​

Similkameen Family Literacy Outreach styles itself as ‘promoting the enjoyment and good use of language in read, spoken, written and heard communication among all age groups’. If you have ideas for a community literacy project, let us know. Contact us at 250-499-2352 Local 107.

Family Literacy activities occur throughout the year, including:

  1. Community outreach in cooperation with the Okanagan Regional Library (Keremeos and Hedley Branches) where reading and writing events as well as special displays are a feature;

  2. Parent education and support offered in partnership with the Canadian Action Plan for Children;

  3. Support and Liaison with School District #53 and Ntna’mtquen Snm’alm’ayatn Education Centre;

  4. Similkameen Family Literacy presents such programs as Story Theatre for young people, Reading, Recitation and Sing-along for the elderly in care.

People affected by literacy challenges include:

  • The elderly who need support to continue in the use and enjoyment of language.

  • Infants and toddlers whose parents are a key support to child’s use and enjoyment of the many forms of communication.

  • French-speaking people who are entitled to access to French language materials for home, work and recreation.

  • Adults who do not have enough schooling to use the language well.

  • First Nations people who are entitled to community respect for and continued use and enjoyment of their language.

  • Immigrants who need support to use English to get by better at work and in the broader community.

  • Persons with disabilities need access to information and support to manage written and spoken communication.

  • Children generally receive support through public school education and benefit from extra stimulation in the broader community

Program Staff

Patti Hillman

One-to-One Reading

Dave Cursons

Summer Theatre

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