LSCSS Housing

Quail Crossing

417 11th Avenue, Keremeos, BC

This 8-unit building is located on a quiet residential street just blocks from the main street shopping and parks this building is ideal for active, independent residents.

Mixed use housing is appropriate for people with varying incomes, including those with moderate incomes that qualify for Low-End of Market (LEM) rentals.

​Quail Crossing offers a number of units to individuals and families that would not qualify for a subsidized rate by are looking for Affordable Rental options.

Suite Details:

  • 7 One-Bedroom

  • 1 One-Bedroom (Wheelchair Accessible)

Building Features:

  • Private Outdoor Front & Back Entrance

  • Gardening Space

  • Discounted Satellite Television (monthly fee)

Optional Features (monthly fee):

  • Discounted Wi-Fi Service

  • Off-Street Parking (one vehicle per apartment)

  • Covered Scooter Parking

Unit SizeMonthly RentMaximum IncomeMaximum Income *Subsidy Applicant** Occupancy
2-Bedroom$1,165$120,990$65,000single/couple plus 1-2 children
3-Bedroom$1,390$120,990$74,500single/couple plus 2-3 children

*Subsidy Applicants must meet the following eligibility:

  • Seniors – single person 55 years or older, or couple where at least one person is 55 or older.

  • Person with Disability – living independently nd receive a recognized disability pension or income-tax status.

  • Income Based – gross household income below $56,000. Special programs from BC Housing such as SAFER & RAP.

  • Subsidy applicants must apply through The Housing Registry​.

**Occupancy is based on the National Occupancy Standards

  • No more than 2, and no less than 1, person per bedroom.

  • Spouses and couples will share a bedroom.

  • Non-spouses or non-couples do not share a bedroom​.

  • Parents do not share a bedroom with children.

  • Dependents over 18 do not share a bedroom.

  • Dependents aged 5 or more of opposite sex do not share a bedroom.

  • Dependents must reside at your home at least 40% of the time in consideration of unit size/bedrooms.

Housing Coordinator

Melanie King