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Stopping the Violence Women's Counselling

We offer FREE, accessible, and confidential counselling services to women. Individual, client-centered support for education, self-awareness, and empowerment. Safety planning and goal-setting, with an emphasis on the safety of the client and her children. The purpose of counselling is to offer safety, support, and information to encourage the client’s individual healing process and journey towards mental health – clients will not be forced, coerced, or pressured to make changes they are not comfortable with.

What is abuse?

  • Abuse can be physical – pushing, striking, restraining, deprivation of basic needs (food, sleep, shelter).

  • Abuse can be sexual – forced or unwanted sexual touching or acts, unwanted comments, accusations, or demands.

  • Abuse can be emotional/psychological – stalking, harassment, throwing/breaking objects, intimidation, threats of violence to you, your children, your pets, controlling your time, controlling your money, name calling, obscenities, jealousy, manipulation, isolation from friends, family, work, support resources.

  • Verbal and psychological abuse is still abuse, even if there was never physical injury.

If you are experiencing abuse, or if you have experienced trauma in the past:

  • You are not responsible for your partner’s violence.

  • You may be feeling guilt, shame, helplessness, anger, and confusion. We can help sort through these feelings.

  • Your children may have witnessed abuse or experienced trauma. We can help refer them to resources to support their healing.

  • You can reclaim your autonomy and independence, learn about healthy, loving relationships, and process your past experiences.

We offer:

  • FREE counselling,
  • A non-judgemental atmosphere,
  • Importance on mental health,
  • Resources for making decisions and next steps,
  • Support for all types of abuse, not just physical.

Contact our Women’s Counsellor, Signe Percevault to discuss what services would best meet your needs.

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